Monday, June 21, 2010

Writing in rivers and on the wall

I have some pretty pictures to share. Above is the latest development on our Maker Faire project. It's called Rivière Memoir. We're knitting a river into which you cast on your memoirs either with "stones" or "river grasses." The river is further enhanced by LED-sparkle and a virtual river of swimming memoirs. I can't wait to take this thing out on the road. Maybe we'll do a little of that later in the summer just to find out what people do with it. I hope for some surprises.

And here are some pictures from a hand-lettering workshop we attended last week at The Future of Reading symposium.

The woman in above is Professor Lorrie Frear. She teaches graphic design at RIT and her hand-lettering skills are off the chart. Below is famed type designer, Kris Holmes. Both instructors took a "just do it, you can't fail" attitude with the workshop participants which, as you know, I adore. We had fun. I definitely need to pick up one of those giant markers.

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  1. I'm loving the progress of the Riviere Memoir! Can't wait to see it at Maker Faire.


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