Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mapping the Future of Rochester

Innovators enjoy surveying the current landscape of a region and making predictions on what they think it will look like in future. That's why the spring section of my design-thinking class is creating a 3D map of the city of Rochester's near future called "Rochester 2020." We'll start off the project by surveying the social, technological, environmental, and economic innovations that are in infancy at present.  Then we'll visualize what we think our city will look like if these innovations take hold. The map will be on display in the Saunders College of Business for the 4th annual Imagine RIT Creativity and Innovation Festival. 

If you'd like to help build "Rochester 2020," then sign up for Design-thinking at RIT, course No. 0102-421-01. Beyond signing up for the course, there are other ways to contribute to the project. Pop me a note and we'll work it out. 

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