Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beauty lays her first egg!

Sorry. My falcon posts so far have been a little cryptic. I think this is because I check the falcon cam in the eves when I'm kind of worn out. But here's the deal:
In 1998 a trio of enterprising Kodak employees - Kenn Martinez, Brad Carney and Matt Bernius - placed a video camera on the steeple of the tower, aimed it at the nest box, and connected it to the Internet.
And well, you can guess the rest from there. I watched my first season of falcons in 2008. It was incredible to watch the eyasses hatch, grow, eat, and finally fledge. Emotional really. Then last year, 2009, was pretty dramatic, like, in a bad way. I don't have the energy to go over last year's events, but you can read all about it in the rfalconcam archives if you're dying to know.

What I do suggest is that you bookmark this link right here - the main camera - and check in on it once a day. Of course, nature is messy, sometimes things don't work out and there's always a chance that the eggs won't be viable. But take that chance. Check in on these local beauties and read the blog posts from the falcon watch team. Enjoy!

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