Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last season's roots, new greens, and tough guy soap

Dinner last night was an in-between seasons meal. As our CSA deliveries don't start up until June, we're left to fend for ourselves. LAMB is the official meat of spring though I'm not sure where we picked it up (this happens once in a blue moon). We rubbed it with olive oil and chives from the yard and broiled the chops - 6 minutes/side. Guilty pleasure: we topped it off with mustard from France. The ROOT VEGETABLE PUREE is the second to last bag we processed from our  winter CSA.  CSA deliveries definitely changed our cooking patterns. The pattern that worked for us was to let the veggies pile up, then every few weekends cook 'em down in a big pot, mash em up, and divi the puree into freezer bags and freeze. The frozen puree makes a great base for soup or a replacement for potatoes. Just add butter! The SPINACH was from yesterday's market - opening day! We braised that on low heat over some minced chives and garlic we picked up at Eddydale Farms a few weeks back.

I don't remember who we bought the spinach from or from whom we bought this bread. I think from here on out I'll pay even closer attention to these things.

I DO know where I got this soap. I LOVE this soap. 17th Century Suds - they make incredible products. Especially this Tough Guy soap. Too bad I can post how it smells and feels. You'll just have to imagine.

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