Saturday, April 17, 2010

Radishes, Ramps, and Random Craft

Picked up these radishes at the market today from. um. I did it again. I forgot the farmer's name. I would totally recognize his face. But anyways.

I got some ramps too and I cooked them up with some piggery confit and frozen root veggie puree from last season's farm share. It was tasty although the ramps are pretty strong. They are referred to as wild leeks, but they behave much more like garlic. This puree calls for something more subtle, like shallots. Next time.

I also picked up some embroidery thread and I'm just playing with the stuff. Here's is a little felt container that I made.

Not anything to write home about unless you like to write home about your process (and I do).

So, this is where I'm starting. It's a 3 sided container and in the first version (this is altered), the sides were made from square pieces of felt. Thus, it didn't have much stability when standing, so I snipped the upper edges and tapered them in.

It's fun to play with this stuff. I've never been much of a crafter, but I used to sculpt in other media. I see this as an extension of that.


  1. always thought ramps was a more southern name and wild leeks is wild leeks ... they grow in profusion around here this time of year ... my friend showed me years ago where she went picking with her mom, an Ojibwe woman who taught her a lovely recipe for wild leek soup that the daughter seemed to have improved upon.

  2. I thought that ramps were a southern thing too but recently some Buffalonians told me other wise. Grrr. You know what they say, never trust a Buffalonian.


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