Sunday, April 4, 2010

I believe in local economies

and am interested in how they develop here in upstate New York and around the world. And by "economy," I mean the ancient origin of the word - managment of the home. Why am I interested in this? Because I appreciate accountability and accountability is built in to the core of local economies. For e.g., f a local artisan puts lead paint on my child's toy, I know where to find her and can probably work with her to find a better solution. But when Fisher-Price does it, it's really hard for me to find, let alone talk to the person responsible for that mistake. Same goes for local farmers/corporate farmers, credit unions/mega-banks and so on.

I'm no economist here. I am a designer. And designers often prototype small, observable systems before they scale up. I think it's time to zoom back in, time to reacquaint ourselves with the economic systems in our own communities before we go any further in supporting this mega global economy that seems to have spun out of control.

Here's to a new journey. I hope that this blog inspires critical thinking and exploration. And I hope that and that we have some fun along the way.


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